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About Us

Thirty thousand smiles. That’s how many expressions of humor, joy, and love Bradley Dykstra, DDS, MBA, and his colleagues have kept healthy and beautiful for 40+ years of practicing dentistry. That’s how many people of all ages have trusted Hudsonville Dental in Hudsonville, Michigan. This homegrown practice just keeps growing and with good reason; it combines cutting-edge, innovative dental techniques with extraordinary concern for the health of each and every patient.

Our Approach:
Many people think dentistry is just about teeth: fillings, root canals, crowns,” says Dr. Dykstra. “But that’s just part of what we do. The way I see it, the mouth is the gateway to the body. The health of the mouth—the teeth, tongue, and gums—is essential to the health of the body, and I apply that holistic approach to every patient I see. Taking that a step further, helping a patient achieve a beautiful smile after years of misalignment or discoloration can do wonders for mental health and confidence. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a smile transformed.

Our Mission Statement:
-To give people a better quality of life, the ability to smile with confidence, and enable them to have better overall health by improving their oral health.

Our Core Values:
-We Are Ethical
-We Are Engaged
-We Are A Systems-Based Office
-We Are Team Players
-We Always Act For The Greater Good
-We Are Positive People
-We Understand And Practice Stewardship
-We Are Results-Oriented.